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Juneteenth Chicago, NFP Festival
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Vendors interested in selling general merchandise or food items may rent vendor space (10’x 10’).  You may register in one or more categories and pay the appropriate entry fee(s) which must accompany your application.




Food Vendors: Anyone operating a food trailer or tent requiring a license to cook or prepare food on site, (ex. Hot dogs, bar-b-que, lemonade, fountain drinks, etc) must meet all regulations and approval of the Health Department.  Vendors are required to attach a menu to the application with trailer size information or photo, and supply current license from the Health Department. 

Booth Fee: 1 day $200 per concession stand.


Non-Food Vendors:  Arts, Crafts, Dry Goods, etc. or other general merchandise not considered offensive or inappropriate may be sold within assigned vendor space. 

Booth Fee: 1 day $100 per booth.


Information Vendors:  Anyone operating an information booth can not sell merchandise.  The booth can be used only for exhibition and distribution of information, etc...

Booth Fee. 1 day $75.


Register early in order to make certain your space is reserved.  You will receive space confirmation.  No refunds are made unless application is rejected.  The mail-in deadline is Monday, June 6, 20056  Additional applications and registration information is available by calling (773) 580-9384 or (847) 331-0215 or (773) 593-2571.

Please make your cashier’s check or money order payable to:               Juneteenth  Chicago”

           1535 N. Campbell Ave.

                 Chicago, IL 60622

Electrical power outlets are available on a first reserved-first served basis.  Please indicate electrical power requirements at the time of application.  Users must supply their own extension cables/cords and water hoses.  Food trailer vendors should come self-contained, including water tanks and generator back-up.



All sales are conducted strictly between vendor and buyer.-No commission is charged on sales.  Vendors are required to conduct such sales on an ethical basis.  In no way will the Juneteenth Chicago or its members, the Chicago Park District or the City of Chicago, be held responsible for any transaction, nor guarantee sales volume.


Check-in Time

Check-in starts promptly at 7:00 A.M. (CST) and vendors may unload at their assigned spaces after being registered by a festival staff person.  –Displays must be in place by 8:30 A.M. and remain there until at least 7:00 P.M.  No vehicles may enter restricted areas.  Vendor parking is reserved at the park entrance at Madison and Central Park.  The  Juneteenth Chicago will be held rain or shine, so come prepared.  Do not setup the day before the Festival without the express permission and space assignment from Festival staff.  No security is provided for early setups.


Vendors: If you have questions you need answered before sending in your application, or want to get on our list for next year, please contact us.  Please include name, address, phone, type of exhibit and email address, so that we can reply to you.

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Organization News

Our organization welcomes The Raggs Brothers to our staff.

A new is held every Saturday at 100 N. Central park, in Garfield Park's Golden Dome at 12:00 noon..

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