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Vendor Vehicle Regulations
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Vendor Vehicle Regulations
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The following information is required for all vehicles

  1.  Vehicles that may be used during setup and tear down of vendor site:

    a. Make of vehicle
    b. Model of vehicle
    c. Year of vehicle
    d. Color of vehicle
    e.State and Number of License Plate

    If a trailer of any kind is used, Juneteenth Chicago, NFP Inc. requires the following:

    a. Size of trailer
    b. Type of trailer (open, closed, Etc.)
    c. State and Number of License Plate

    If a rental vehicle is to be used, then enter "RENTAL" for all fields and then register the vehicle upon arrival. ***This will make getting onto the park a more lengthy process. Parking pass will not be issued in advance to a rental vehicle(s).***
  2. One vehicle will be allowed in the park per vendor at any given time. Only one parking pass will be issued per vendor, and that pass must be visible at all times while in the park. If more than one vehicle is needed for setup and or tear down, the pass may be transferred between registered vehicles but only one vehicle may be on site at any given time.
  3. Parking spaces will be assigned. The assignment will be based on type of vehicle specified and the vendor site.
Front gate will be closed to vehicles ONE HOUR before opening of festival day. All vehicles must be in assigned spaces 30 minutes before opening. Vehicles will remain in assigned spaces until authorized parking staff deems the park safe for vehicular movement, no sooner than ONE HOUR after the close of festival. (Exceptions: Emergency Vehicles and Festival Operations)

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