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African American Flag Fundraiser

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African American Flag Fundraiser
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We ask that everyone wear,carry or fly their, Red,Black and Green


The African American  flag, as Marcus Garvey  saw it, was to capture the essence of the history  and culture of, people and serve as a unifying symbol of their aspirations.  Garvey was determined that African American people would have a flag with such a purpose and meaning. One of his greatest gifts and most enduring legacies to African American people is sometimes referred to as the "Black Liberation Flag," the Red, Black and Green. In general terms Garvey saw the Red as a symbol of the blood, suffering and sacrifice of African American people historically, the Black for the people, African American people, with all of our historical triumphs and achievements and Green for our African homeland which must be reclaimed to give life and nourishment to African people on the continent and in the diaspora.


African American Flags
African American stick flag
4 inch x 6 inch  $2.00
African American stick flag
12 x 18 inch    $5.00
African American Flag
3ft x 5ft Polyester unmounted $15.00
Flag mounted on 5ft. pole  $25.00  
Flag mounted on 6ft. pole $35.00
Flag Pole 5Ft $ 15.00    
6ft Flag Pole $20.00


Flag Pin
Red, Black and Green 
Lapel Pin 
Flag $2.00


Africa Pin
Red, Black and Green  
Africa Lapel Pin.
Large Africa  $3.00
Small.Africa  $2.00


3-Piece Jogging Set
Red, Black and Green 1 headband
 and 2 wrist band set.  $3.00


Car Windshield, Window or Mirror Mini Banner Flag
Window or mirror mini banner flags measure 3 1/2" x 5" and are great ways to show your heritage. Each flag has a gold fringe with a string for hanging over your car mirror, and a suction cup. $5.00

To Order contact;
South Austin Coalition
342 S. Laramie Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60644
(773) 287-4570
Juneteenth*Chicago* NFP     
(773) 580-9384
1535 N. Campbell Ave.
Chicago,Il. 60622

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